The Farmers

  • Cedric

    Having grown up in the Congo with a backyard of chickens, rabbits & ducks, he’s always had an interest in raising animals. Now he’s the mastermind of this Weathertop operation. He orchestrates the big picture of which animals are going where, when & how. He keeps track of this daily migration on a big grazing chart & map. He’s out in the field every morning checking up on everything, feeding & moving animals, and planning out the week. When our peak season is past you will often find him at market on Saturdays ready to help you out and answer your questions. Other than farming he does a lot of reading and some philosophizing. He likes to get into the broader concepts and ideas behind the need for sustainable agriculture, and has real appreciation for that saying “act locally – think globally”.
  • Sarah

    Grew up in Jordan as a city girl, far from any farm, but had no trouble cultivating an appreciation for really great food in a land where fresh ingredients were the foundation of every meal. If you contact the farm she is the one you talk to on the phone and on e-mail. She keeps track of all your orders and scheduled pick-up times & dates. In the morning you can find her caring for hens and gathering eggs. She gets her “reading” done – thanks to audio books - during the many hours spent cleaning and packaging eggs. Several times a week she runs deliveries to Floyd, Blacksburg & Roanoke. Some Saturdays you will find her at market. She also enjoys sewing, quilting and other creative outlets in between a lot of cooking, baking, and caring for 5 kids.
  • The Kids

    Since they have grown up here on the farm, and been involved in almost every aspect of it, they are now old enough to practically run the whole operation themselves. And on the rare occasion they do just that! When they’re not in school you can find them helping out our customers, lending a hand on processing days, performing routine farm chores, occasionally running market, and any number of other tasks. They enjoy being involved in a variety of music as well as sports at the high school, especially if it means avoiding farm work!
  • Sami & Marianne

    Are the long-distance partners of the farm - all the way from the US-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas. Sami & Marianne are interested in sustainability across a broad range of issues including urban community development, small business enterprise, international development and sustainable agriculture. On top of their own full-time jobs, they participate by designing and operating this website, working on marketing materials, rescuing us at tax time, doing a lot of business consultation, and helping us keep both grounded in good business sense as well as keeping our eyes on the long-term goals. They generally get out to the farm every summer for a visit, and we all hope that one day down the road they might join us here long-term along with their 4 beautiful children.
  • Ralph & Rebecca

    Ralph is Cedric’s father who lives next door to us. After 40 years working as an ophthalmologist in Africa (mainly in the Congo and Rwanda) he retired here in 2004 and has been involved with our farm ever since, specializing in rabbit care and doing some bee-keeping and raising some fruit-trees on the side. He is recently joined by his new wife, Rebecca Shannon – from California, who we are welcoming into our farm family.
  • Jon & Kim

    Neighbors of ours and longtime friends, in fact, Cedric & Jon went to high school together in Kinshasa back in the day. They regularly help us out when needed, be it with running a market, deliveries, or lending a hand with processing. You will likely recognize their friendly welcoming faces. We are especially thankful for their little guy who keeps us all entertained, which after all is the most important job out there!
  • Jonathan & Abby

    We're very excited to have Jonathan & Abby back with us for a 3rd time. Originally from Texas they worked with us first in 2014, then after thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail came back to help out for 2 months in the fall of 2015. Now after a year of traveling and teaching around central America they're coming back again! We love having them around and are looking forward to working with them.
  • Daniel & Katie

    Also from Texas (?!) Daniel & Katie, are aspiring to operate a farm of their own one day and have agreed to come back to Weathertop along with their dog, Pax, for a second season to help us keep things running as they continue to learn about various aspects of farming.