We get a lot of funny looks when we tell folks we have rabbit for sale. Looks like “you eat WHAT??” as they contemplate their cute fuzzy little pet bunny back at home. We will be the first to tell you that YES, those bunny rabbits ARE super cute, but they also happen to be super tasty. For those in-the-know rabbit is a great delicacy and makes for a wonderful eating experience. Low in fat, high in protein, rabbit meat is known to be easy on the digestive system as well as being very healthy for you.

How to get your Weathertop Rabbit

An average rabbit weighs about 4 lbs dressed, and is sold whole (not cut into pieces) and frozen. Check out a list of our favorite rabbit recipes.

How our rabbits are raised

After several years of trying out different pasture-pens for rabbits we got tired of spending a lot of time chasing down the escapees and contributing to the wild population. So now our rabbits are raised in cages in a shaded hoop-house where they get fed fresh-cut grass twice a day (hay in the winter months). They also get a pelleted rabbit feed to supplement their nutritional needs. Each mother rabbit raises a litter of about 8 little ones, which stay with her until they are weaned at 8 weeks. Then they are kept separately for another 4-6 weeks until they reach a suitable size.

Rabbit is more of a gourmet specialty product that we raise in limited numbers. We often have some available in our freezers, but as it is not one of our main enterprises we are occasionally sold out for a time.