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  • CHICKEN - $3.75/lb fresh on farm, $4.25/lb at market

    Please see the order form to pre-order June-Oct on specified pick-up dates. All poultry pick up will be here at Weathertop from 2-4 in the afternoon. Please bring coolers and your own bags for the chickens; ziploc freezer bags work best if you plan on freezing them whole. Average weight is around 4.5 lbs. each. $3.50/lb if you buy 10 or more chickens at one time.
  • EGGS - $4.25/dozen on farm, $4.75/dozen at market

    Available year round on the farm, at the the Harvest Moon in Floyd, Eats & Annie Kay's in Blacksburg, and the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op. Also available seasonally through the Seven Springs CSA and Blacksburg Farmers Market.
  • LAMB - $2.50/lb live weight plus butcher fees

    Please see the order form to order for each Spring. Order by the half or whole lamb. The average live weight is around 80-100 lbs per lamb. Expect to pay around $250-300 total including butcher fees for a whole animal. Take home around 25-35lbs of meat, custom-cut, vacuum-packed and frozen.
  • TURKEY - $4.25/lb on farm

    Please see the order form for pick-up dates in October & November. Turkeys range in size from around 8-20 lbs based on the date of pick-up (smaller Turkeys in October, medium & large in November). Please see the order form for more specifics. All turkey pick ups will be here at Weathertop from 2-4pm on the specified dates. Order early; we start taking orders in April. Please note we are now using non-GMO local feed.
  • PORK - $2.20/lb live weight plus butcher fees

    Please see the order form for order dates for the Spring & Fall. Pre-order only. An "average" live weight would be about 260 lbs. for a whole, and about 130 lbs. for a half. For a ball-park figure with all butcher fees included you can expect that a half hog will cost around $400 and a whole hog around $800 total. You will take home approximately 150lbs for a whole/ 75 lbs. for a half of custom-cut-to-order, vacuum-packed, frozen pork.
  • DUCK - $5.50/lb. on farm, $6.00/lb. at market

    Available fresh by pre-order on a few dates in the summer or frozen at the market or on the farm while supplies last. See the order form for details. Average weight around 3.5-4 lbs.
  • 2 YEAR-OLD LAYERS - $4.00 each

    We regularly sell off our older laying flocks. They are generally about 18-24 months old and are still great to take home live for your home flock or to butcher for your own home use. Give us a call or send us an email if you’re interested.
  • STEWING HENS - $3.25/lb. on farm, $3.75/lb. at market

    Occasionally available for you to take home: dressed, frozen and ready for that soup, stew, or crock-pot. They are much smaller than the broilers but have a lot more flavor, only requirement is a longer slower cooking time due to age.