Pasture-raised hogs spend their days in the field & forest and provide superior delicious pork for your table!

How to get your Weathertop pork

Whole or Half Hog

Read through our pork pricing & details to find out what’s involved in ordering your whole or half hog. If you still have questions feel free to contact us. Once you're ready to order follow these steps:

  1. Pre-order your whole or half hog anytime during the year - the hogs go to the butcher twice/year and each is custom-cut to order, vacuum-packed and frozen
  2. After you have ordered, but before your hog heads to the butcher, we’ll need you to fill out this cutting order form. On this form you will get to choose how you’d like to have your pork cut up. *see cutting options below
  3. We’ll arrange a day to meet you at the butcher for you to pick up your pork and we’ll take payment at that time. Typical pick-up times are in late May and late October

*Here is a list of cutting options for reference only. Please do not fill out this form but use it to select which option you would like in each category (step 2 above). If it’s your first time and you need help we’ll be happy to walk you through it. 

Pork by the cut

If a whole or half hog is too much for you, then check out our USDA certified pork cuts from our own hogs - everything from pork chops to loin roasts to many varieties of sausages. 

How our hogs are raised

Here at Weathertop Farm we raise heritage breed Tamworth hogs.  We do not breed our own hogs, rather we purchase them each season from a neighboring farm in Floyd where they are bred, born and raised entirely on pasture in a very humane and natural environment. They arrive at our farm at about 6-8 weeks old where they grow for the next 6 months.

While hogs do consume a lot of feed, many people don’t realize that hogs love pasture—every bit of it.  Not only do they eat the grass, they dig up the roots and even eat some of the soil to obtain minerals. We move our hogs twice each week, and then give the whole pasture a year’s rest before allowing them back on.  Hogs also love the woods and we often section off their pastures to include some forest.

Weathertop hogs enjoy a great life outdoors with plenty of space to explore, browse, graze, sun themselves and express their natural instincts. They have a portable shelter that moves along with them for protection from the elements. After they’ve roamed, browsed & grown to a suitable size, usually after about 6 months here, the hogs get loaded onto a trailer and take a short ride to the butcher here in Floyd.  From there they move to your home freezer where they keep you in good eats for a few months.