Pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys, grown especially for the holiday. 

How to get your Weathertop turkey

Available by pre-order only for on-farm pick-up in the following sizes:

  • Small (10-12 lbs range) at the end of October
  • Medium-Small (12-15 lbs range) early November
  • Medium-Large (15-18 lbs) mid November
  • Large (18-22 lbs) week before Thanksgiving

A note about sizes

We cannot take orders for any specific size. Rather we offer a choice of dates and ask you to select a date based on the size of bird you are looking for. Please keep in mind that while we do our very best to provide you with a bird in the size range advertised, there are many factors beyond our control that contribute to a turkey’s growth rate, especially when raised outdoors. So if the bird you end up with is a little larger or a little smaller than what you were hoping for please be understanding, and thanks for supporting a small family farm!

How our turkeys are raised

Turkey poults (that’s what you call baby turkeys) arrive at the farm as one-day old newly-hatched balls of fluff.  They get very special care and lots of attention in their first few weeks in the brooder, making sure that conditions are right for them to thrive. Between 4-5 weeks they head out to pasture. That is a very fun time to be around, because even if you couldn’t see them excitedly darting around you would be able to hear the distinct chirps of happiness at the lush grass and tasty bugs. In fact every time the fence is opened onto a new pasture you would know by that distinctive chirp.

Turkeys are very curious and like to follow you around, which makes them pretty easy to manage out on pasture when trying to herd them to new territory. They are accompanied by their own portable home, which resembles a great ark, filled with roosts for them to sleep on at night. Like all the other animals on the farm they are managed by continual rotation on the pasture. Every day or 2 they move on to fresh grass.

Although the turkeys do eat a lot of feed (custom-mixed at a local mill), they also consume a lot of grasses and other pasture plants. You can practically see them mow it down.  They also enjoy chasing all kinds of bugs around, an occurrence that quickly morphs in to a game of turkey-tag. All that exercise, sunshine, fresh air and grass are factors that make these turkeys some really superb eating. Customers come back year after year to pick up that special holiday bird.