Our Feed

We're often asked questions about our animal feed so we started a blog to discuss the issue. Check out the summary below and if you want to read more link to our blog. We love comments so join the conversation on our blog and tell us what you're thinking.

We get our animal feed from Little Red Hen in Rocky Mount, VA.  Daniel, who owns & operates Little Red Hen Feed Mill, is a 5th generation farmer who has been working the land his whole life. Over the years he has been striving to improve his farming methods in order to reduce tillage, use fewer outside inputs, and slowly incorporate animals into his field rotations. He grows and uses only non-GMO seeds and grains. Most all the ingredients for the feed he grows himself, and what he doesn't he sources from neighboring farms.  It is a very local operation, and we are very pleased to be working with someone who is like-minded in their pursuit of sustainability and care for the environment and health of the planet.
We spent much of 2018 in a trial phase and then a transition to this new feed, and by the fall we had completely switched over. Because the feed is non-GMO and of such high quality it costs more, and this, in turn, has caused us to raise our prices slightly, but we feel it is very worth the investment and are confident that you will think so as well!
For more details read Cedric's latest blog.

Interested in reading more? Check out our blog to learn more...