Hi folks!

I feel like every Spring I start the newsletter by talking about the weather, but really, with a foot of snow dumped on us at the end of March, and several more snowy days to start off April, what can I say? The foot of snow was gorgeous, though late. The animals were all happier when it melted away. The hens have recently shipped out to pasture for the season, and the grass is quickly getting devoured beneath their feet to prove how much they love eating it! The two newest flocks of laying hens are doing well, one is about to start laying, and the other is about ready to outgrow the brooder. We anticipate building a bigger henhouse this year to accommodate more birds and more eggs.

The baby ducks have just arrived and will be ready by the end of May. If you’ve never tried duck before it’s a real treat, lovely dark meat, nice crispy skin, and the fat is to die for, especially for roasting potatoes!

COMING UP: Next we're looking forward to new chicks and baby lambs! Our favorite time of year! We hope you get a chance to stop by and see us, if you do you might need to plan on bringing your lawn chair and a beer so you can sit and get hypnotized (otherwise known as sheep-gazing, it’s very calming, you can spend hours watching them without realizing that time has passed. Ask our neighbors, they have been known to recount to us the antics and goings-on in the sheep realm).

APPRENTICES: We had a productive year in 2017 thanks to our great team of second and third time returning apprentices, a big shout-out to them for all their help and hard work! This year we have a couple from Indiana, Gabby & Aaron, who have come for the season, so give them a big welcome when you see them! We are still on the lookout for a third person to help out, so if you know of someone who would be interested in outdoor work and learning about rotational grazing and other aspects of farming, send them our way!

ABOUT FEED: We have recently made a connection with a local farmer who is growing grain for seed and feed. He is farming, growing, sourcing and milling all feed himself in Rocky Mount. We are going to do a trial run on the feed this year and are excited about exploring the possibility of shifting over to a closer source. If you notice a slight increase in some of our prices it is likely reflecting this change in feed.

OPEN FARM DAY: Once again we will be hosting an open farm day, with tours and tastings. Mark your calendars for Sunday June 24th! We will send out more information closer to the date!


PRE-ORDER for FARM PICK-UP: get your chickens fresh on processing days! See the order form. We’re still taking orders for spring pork and lamb if you’re quick!

FARM STORE: you can stop by the farm anytime to pick up eggs, poultry or pork. We are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11-4, all other days or times please call ahead.

BLACKSBURG FARMERS MARKET: Do you know you can find us there year-round? Even in the depths of January Cedric is out there to supply you with the meat you need!

Saturdays year-round from 8-2 (wintertime from 10-2)
Wednesdays April – December from 12-6

*new* FLOYD FARMERS MARKET: We started vending at Floyd last fall, and love catching up with the community while we’re there!
Saturdays May-October from 9-1.

Thanks for all your support over the years, and we look forward to seeing you throughout the season!

Cedric & Sarah Shannon

April 2018