A happy Spring to you all!

A good deal of changes have been going on here at Weathertop; changes we hope will be helpful both on our production end and for you on the purchasing end.  All with the goal of getting tasty, healthy, and responsible food to more homes.  Every time we put a bite in our mouths we are choosing to participate in one system or another.  We hope to be part of a system that helps heal land and communities, as well as individuals, while enjoying the mouth-watering fruits of our labor. 

The biggest change will be obvious to those who visit the farm: our new multi-purpose building is up and running.  From egg cleaning, to walk-in cooler, to the freezer room/farm store, our business has officially moved out of our basement to a much needed larger space.

Also of note is a change of our chicken processing schedule.  There are now more weeks throughout the growing season to choose from and all processing will land on Thursdays and Mondays.  Can't make a weekday pick-up? No problem, with our new walk-in cooler we now offer the option of holding your birds for you for a Saturday pick-up.

Many of you may not realize, but increasing our freezer armada has enabled us to have frozen chicken, both whole and cuts, available all through the winter.  You need not wait till June to enjoy pastured poultry.  We have also recently restocked our pork selections with delicious roasts and the regular selection of sausages.  OPEN on Saturdays 10-4 and Wed afternoons 2-6. So stop by to say hi and stock up!

Thank you as always for your support!

your farmers,
Cedric & Sarah