Spring 2019

Hi Everyone!

Happy Spring!  It's time to think about ordering your chickens for the year! We have more dates available than ever, so please check out the list on the order form!

We have only a couple weeks left to take orders for whole or half hogs & lambs, so if you need to get a spring order in don't wait!

Remember fresh poultry pick-up are in the afternoons on the dates you choose.  If for some reason you cannot get here during that time we will once again be offering to hold your chickens in the cooler for 1 or 2 days, we just need to know ahead of time!



For years we have been getting little feeder pigs from Farmer Larry Bright, who has a wonderful pasture-based system for his hogs where they are always outside, never confined, and always farrow out on pasture.  And now, thanks again to Larry's mentoring and advice; we are farrowing here at Weathertop! It has been a fun and exciting adventure for us to watch and learn. There's nothing like baby animals to keep the wonder alive!  And soon the pork you get from us will be raised on our farm from farrow-to-finish. (You can see pictures and videos on our Facebook page.)


We now have LARD for sale! Pork fat rendered and ready to use! Fry with it, bake with it or even make soap with it! From our very own pasture-raised hogs. Available by the pint or quart.


Many of you know we spent much of 2018 in transition to using a new supplier for our animal feed.  Daniel, of Little Red Hen feeds in Rocky Mount, grows most all the grains himself, or sources the rest from very close by. He uses only non-GMO ingredients and mills it all fresh on-site.  We are quite pleased with the new feed and happy to be supporting local!

(Read Cedric’s latest blog about the feed.)


Do you like listening to podcasts? Try out "Can Your Beans Do That" by your very own Farmer Sledge!  The farmer-philosopher will take you on a journey around the world and back through time as well as delving into the micro-life of the gut, soil & nutrition.  Hear him thread together many seemingly disparate issues as he seeks to weave together the fabric of "why we farm".

Check it out!  Or look for it on most any podcast platforms.

Looking back on 2018:

Our 2018 team consisted of Abby, Jonathan, Gabby, Aaron, Sarah & Cedric, plus some of the  kids in the summer. We remain thankful for all their help and credit them with making 2018 a success!

We had some pretty epic weather in 2018! From copious amounts of rain, to hurricanes, mud & floods, on to ice storms and snow! It made for some very nice grass growth, but gave an added challenge to pulling all the pasture housing around on skids and keeping the animals dry when everything was bogged down in the mud..... On the plus side the hogs love the mud, the ducks enjoyed all the rain, and the kids made good use of the snow!

This was our first time having help through the winter months, and we took full advantage of it! We were able to leave the farm on multiple occasions during the winter months for visits with family as well as some vacation time.  Cedric & Sarah traveled to El Paso, TX and enjoyed time catching up with Sami & Marianne & family. We also got away to New Mexico where we relaxed and did a little hiking around the beautiful Cloudcroft area.

Sometimes the hardest part of farming is not being able to leave the farm, so this was a great privilege and we were very grateful! A big shout out to Jonathan & Abby for all their help that made it possible!

And although we quite enjoyed getting away for a break we were also glad to get back home to Floyd and our farm, and we look forward to seeing all of you in the coming months!

Sarah & Cedric