Our sheep are a breed called Katahdin, which was developed in the USA as a meat animal with lower labor requirements because they're a hair sheep: a kind of sheep that sheds its wool each year instead of needing to be sheered. They are also known for being docile, good mothers and having twins, all factors that make working with them enjoyable. The sheep have proven to be quite entertaining for us, we can watch them for hours when we should be doing other work.  Who can resist watching pasture races and high jump competitions held spontaneously between all the lambs, even as young as 3 days old?100% grass-fed lamb by the whole or half only.

How to get your Weathertop Lamb

We offer lamb for sale by the whole or half. Lambs are between 10-12 months old at the time of processing and they average 100 lbs live weight. Out of 100 lbs live weight you get around 50% hanging weight and out of that you can expect to take home about 25-35 lbs for your freezer. Pricing is by the lb live weight, see price list for more info.

How our lambs are raised

Besides being cute on the field and delicious on the plate sheep are taking us to the next level of sustainability. Although other animals on the farm enjoy eating grass and spending their days grazing and foraging, they still require outside inputs of feed to grow and stay healthy. And while we appreciate being able to have our feeds sourced and custom-blended at our local mill, it gives us great satisfaction to now have a project where our farm is providing 100% of the inputs. The foundation of a pasture-based farming operation is raising grass. Having ruminants that thrive on grass not only provides satisfied healthy meat, but when properly managed, also improves the quality and quantity of the pasture itself. When you stop by the farm you can see this management concept at work.

The key to our operation is providing the sheep with a fresh section of pasture each and every day. Variously called strip grazing or intensive grazing, the daily move provides high nutrition, efficient spreading of all-natural fertilizer, an effective means of parasite control, and also allows the grass an appropriate rest between grazings.