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We raise our turkeys in a system similar to our egg-laying hens, out on pasture in a fenced-in area with a portable house that regularly gets moved to fresh pasture.  Weathertop turkeys make for one fantastic Thanksgiving dinner and we typically sell out months in advance.  So get your orders in early.

Turkey sizes:
We often get requests for very specific weights, like an “18 pound turkey”.   Please remember that when you order a turkey we cannot guarantee a specific weight because unlike the mega-farms who raise untold thousands and can offer a consistent range to choose from, we only raise a limited number and because they are raised outdoors they have other factors affecting their growth.  That said, when you come to pick up your bird we will work with you to get you the size you want, in the past everyone has ultimately been happily matched up with their turkey.

We do offer turkeys at 2 different times, in Oct and in Nov. So if you’re looking for a smaller turkey, the October turkeys tend to be about 10-15 lbs, while the November turkeys, right at Thanksgiving time, tend to be in the 18-25 lb range.


Weathertop Farm
963 Eanes Rd, NE
Check, VA 24072