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Years ago the USDA stated that domestic rabbit meat was the most nutritious meat known to man. Some of the factors that contribute to this claim are that rabbit meat is the highest in protein, lowest in fat, and the most easily digested of any meat available. The Department of Agriculture, when making these extraordinary claims was merely talking about rabbit in general. At Weathertop Farm, we’ve taken the best meat available and made it even better by providing fresh pasture.

Weathertop rabbits get premium care since we only raise a small number of them.  They are kept in individual raised cages inside a hoop-house.  They are shaded through the summer heat with shadecloth, and keep warm all winter while enjoying the company of the laying hens.  Twice a day they have pasture plants and grasses scythed for them and served up fresh, so even though we cannot keep them on the grass directly they are still reaping the benefits of a nutritious and natural diet.  Through the winter months we feed them hay, and their diet is also supplemented year-round with a pelleted feed from our local mill.  

Rabbits are not just healthy and tasty; they are also one of the most ecologically beneficial animals to raise. It takes very little land or fossil fuel to get an incredible amount of meat from just one mother doe. Many countries that do not have the luxury of space that we enjoy here in America capitalize on the rabbit’s efficiency and eat a great deal more rabbit than we do. To top it off, rabbit manure is an extraordinary fertilizer and one of the easiest to deal with. Unlike the manure of a cow or chicken, which burns plants when applied straight, rabbit manure is considered ‘cold’ and can be applied directly to the garden.


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