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Omega-3 Fatty Acids
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Omega-3s are one of the essential fatty acids, which are fats that the body cannot produce. Omega-3s are found chiefly in dark leafy plants. Some of the Omega-3s we can get from eating such vegetables and others must be acquired through animal fat, particularly from those animals that feed on greens themselves. Fish oil is often taken by many as a supplement since the feeding on plankton provides Omega3-s in the fish fat.

Omega-3s are called essential because they are fundamental to much of our structural development including brain cells and the eye. They are also vital in preventing blood clotting and blocked arteries.

The other essential fatty acid is called Omega-6 and is found in grains like corn or in soybeans. Anyone familiar with the dynamics of today’s agricultural subsidies of these two particular crops will know how heavily conventional meat relies on these foods, thus causing the levels of Omega-6s to skyrocket. The American populace not only consumes enormous quantities of this grain-fed meat, but we also increase the imbalance through the consuming of the ubiquitous corn syrup in practically anything we buy off the shelves in our grocery stores. Nutritionalists will argue what the optimal ratio of 6’s to 3’s is exactly, (somewhere between 1:1 and 4:1) but there is no disagreement that the typical ratio in the American diet is somewhere around 20:1, and is downright hazardous.

According to a recent publication* some 2,000 scientific studies are out there showing that a wide range of problems are associated with deficiencies of Omega-3 fatty acid. Researchers believe the number of Americans who have such a deficiency is around 60%. The symptoms of this deficiency has been linked to numerous health issues including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, and even allergies.

*Shaklee newsletter (vol. 23, issue 3)


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