Our eggs are well-known for their great flavor & texture, firm bright yellow yolks and strong shells.

How to get your Weathertop eggs

Drop by the farm during store hours or contact us to pick some up (best deal)

Visit us at the Blacksburg Farmers Market Saturdays or Wednesdays

Visit us at the Floyd Farmers Market Saturdays May-November

CSA membership: get a weekly delivery along with your veggies by signing up through
     - LEAP for Local Food in Roanoke (a new generation of Good Food Good People)
     - Seven Springs Farm in Check, VA

Purchase at the following local stores:
     - Harvest Moon in Floyd, VA  
     - Eats in Blacksburg, VA 
     - Annie Kays in Blacksburg, VA  
     - Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op in Roanoke, VA

How our laying hens are raised

Our hens spend their days outdoors roaming the pasture, scratching around for bugs, eating their greens, and laying eggs. Eggs are gathered by hand multiple times a day, sorted, cleaned and packaged for sale. Each flock of hens is managed in a rotational system with portable henhouse and portable fencing that all gets moved twice a week to fresh pasture. This rotation process is what keeps the hens healthy, and minimizes their impact on the pasture. They get to eat the grass, but then the grass gets a chance to re-grow while the hens move on to new ground. The hens eat feed that is custom-mixed at a local mill, but it’s all the greens, exercise, fresh air and sunlight that are key to getting highly nutritious eggs, high in omega 3’s and vitamin E, which also make the yolks so deep an orange-yellow. Healthy for you, the hens and our farm!