Duck makes an excellent feast, and these ducks are raised outdoors on pasture so they’re very healthy to boot!

How to get your Weathertop duck

Ducks grow quite quickly and by 7 weeks are ready for eating. We process them here on the farm just like the chickens. A typical table-ready duck has a dressed weight around 4 lbs. They make for some very excellent eating, so if you've never had duck before you should give it a try! Make sure you save all that fat, too, it’s superb to use with potatoes and all sorts of other delicacies.

We also offer duck liver & hearts

How our ducks are raised

Each year we raise a couple of batches of Pekin ducks for the table. We get them as day-old ducklings in the mail, they spend about 2-3 weeks in the brooder, then get moved out onto grass with a portable house. The house gets moved every day giving them fresh forage and spreading their fertilizer. Ducks are very aggressive foragers and are also great pest control, especially known for eating slugs.

The unique thing about ducks of course, is how much they like water. These ducks don't need a pond to swim in, but they sure drink a lot of water and like to play in it!  They are not neat about it either. They like to get a mouthful of feed and then a mouthful of water and then sort of convulse their head to get it down. This results in VERY messy water and a brief panic thinking the ducks are all having seizures. But no, that's just ducks eating and drinking and making a grand old mess. Good thing they get moved so frequently!