Weathertop Farm Chicken is raised outdoors in a managed pasture system. In addition to their custom-mixed feed chickens also have optimal access to pasture grasses, bugs, sunshine & fresh air.  No antibiotics are added to the feed.  Because we raise all our chickens outdoors they are only available fresh from June through Oct.

How to get your Weathertop chicken

How our chicken is raised

If you drive by the farm during the summer months you might be wondering about the geometric formation of pens marching in unison up and down our fields. Those would be the broiler pens: the portable-pasture-housing for the chickens we raise for your table. After about 3 weeks in the brooder here at the farm the chickens get moved outdoors into portable pens. Each pen contains around 70 chickens and is equipped with feed & water. In addition to sheltering the birds form the elements the pens also provide needed protection from predators.

Every morning each pen gets moved one pen-length down the field, thus providing fresh pasture (including bugs & grubs) for the chickens to eat, as well as leaving a healthy spread of chicken manure in its wake. Give that land about 2 weeks or so and you will see the same geometric formation marching down the field once again, this time in the form of vibrant green grass growth. It’s a win-win situation for the chickens and the grass both!

When you taste our chicken you will notice the difference in both flavor and texture, and you’ll have the added satisfaction of knowing that you are not supporting some anonymous over-crowded factory farm along with its associated environmental pollution, animal and labor abuses, and antibiotic-resistance-inducing-feed regimens.

When it’s time for processing, the chickens have a very short trip to our own on-farm-processing shed where we do the work ourselves, ensuring that it’s done quickly, cleanly and humanely.  When you come to the farm to pick up fresh chicken it is VERY fresh, alive that morning and gone home to your fridge/freezer that same afternoon.

Average chicken weight is about 4lbs, but can range from 3-5lbs or more.  We also offer chicken liver, hearts, gizzards & feet.

Your best deal will always be to pick your chicken up fresh at the farm by ordering ahead of time.  However, for some folks that’s not possible, and we do typically have frozen chicken for sale during the in-between weeks as well as the winter off-season.

And for those who would rather not have to cut up their chickens and are willing to pay more for it, we offer individual chicken cuts as well.